Security at the Oktoberfest

oktoberfest-polizeiA police station is situated inside the Theresienwiese in order to ensure the smooth running of the festival; inside the beer tents, an excited and irreverent festival atmosphere is the order of the day where the boundary between the legal and the illegal is fragile, taking into account the alcoholic context.

In reality though, although it may not seem so, there are restrictions in place. Many of them are well signposted, respected and are dictated by common sense and the laws in force.

Respect for the rules provides for a harmonious and peaceful festival atmosphere, enjoyed and appreciated by all, even families.

You can therefore drink to your heart’s content, shout, introduce yourself to members of the opposite sex but without ever having an annoying, aggressive or provocative attitude, causing damage to property or people, annoying those around you, let’s use the term “inappropriate and invasive attempts at seduction”, or by provoking fights, or just by joining in with fights.

The use of drugs of any kind is clearly not permitted, nor is smoking permitted inside the halls as stated.

oktoberfest-polizei-1All these offences, like all infringements in general, are committed with the conviction of not being punished, caught or traced, especially in a situation with the thousands of people at the Oktoberfest! Serious mistake! The highly efficient German “Polizei” will be on top of the offenders in less 30 seconds and these will be literally “escorted” out of the halls, or, for the more serious offences (fights, theft, drug use), are taken to the on site police station and held in a cell until the following day where they will undergo a summary trial, unless a fine is paid.

It should be added that on arrival in Munich, coaches and cars are searched with drug sniffing dogs with repercussions for the possessors of narcotic substances.

polizei oktoberfestThe efficiency and the rigidity, the presence and the readiness of the German police, still ensures at the Oktoberfest, from 1810 to the present day, the maintenance of a genuine and peaceful climate, in which to spend a fun day in complete safely.

As a result of this, you will not witness fights, you will not be attacked and you can enjoy the full spirit of the festival.

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