Oktoberfest Luna Park

The Oktoberfest is not only famous for beer, its cuisine, its traditional outfits, its over indulgences and its music, but also for its Luna Park, rich in attractions, some of which are centuries old, others ultra modern, with a particular attention for lovers of both thrills and speed, for both children and families. The amusement park is open daily from 10 am until midnight. Many visitors to the Wiesn the come to the Oktoberfest to take advantage of the Luna Park attractions without consuming beer. One recommendation, dedicated to your stomach… enjoy all the rides you like…but before drinking!

Here you will find a complete list accompanied by photos and descriptions of all the rides that make up the wonderful Oktoberfest Luna Park.

Having read how many and which attractions are present there, can you even imagine an Oktoberfest without its Luna Park?

Alpina Bahn

The Alpina Bahn is the classic eight roller-coaster for families, even if the term "roller-coaster" doesn't give full credit to the Alpina Bahn. In fact it should be stressed that... Read more >>

Autoscooter Lindner

This is one of the great classics and has been at the Wiesn since as far back as 1938 thanks to the Lindner family that, since 1880, have had... Read more >>

Break Dancer

This ride, 20 meters wide and deep, is made up of 16 cabins, each with 2 seats, that spin around and around with continuous changes in direction and speed. ... Read more >>


The Egon Kaiser Cyberspace, 20 meters wide and deep, is a giant pendulum that forcibly swings the cabin up to a height of 46.7 meters with 8 passengers on board.... Read more >>

Flip Fly

The Flip Fly is a new entry and appeared in 2009. It can ascend with only 12 people at the same time. The cabins are positioned on 3 different arms of... Read more >>


The flea circus has been at the Oktoberfest since 1948 by virtue of Peter Mathes, and is now managed by Robert Birk, a long time employee of Peter Mathes' son,... Read more >>


The Frisbee is a huge disc 26 meters long and 20 deep that swings like a pendulum, reaching a maximum angle of almost 180 degrees, while rotating on its own... Read more >>


How can you not stop at the house of horrors, present at the Oktoberfest since 1933? Now in its fifth generation, the Robert Eckl attraction provides an appeal that is unchanged... Read more >>

Hau Den Lukas

Have you got the skill and strengths to become "world champions"? Difficult ... this requires a lot of physical strength, but also a certain technique. Anybody participating must hit a... Read more >>


This is the largest indoor mobile railway in the world. In the Höllenblitz, 15 train carriages travelling at 80 km/h bring passengers through special effects inside the gold mine, in a... Read more >>


If you have a little sense of direction, you can put it to the test here, but don't underestimate the paths, the blind alleys and the mirrored walls. The Labyrinth has... Read more >>

Kettenkarussell - Der Star Flyer 48

Passengers, seated in bucket seats, revolve around a central column. The centrifugal force pulls them further and further outwards. It gives a unique sensation of freedom and you merely need to... Read more >>


As soon as you see it, you will be amazed, it is a piece of Oktoberfest history, homage to tradition and to the nostalgia of the past. In fact... Read more >>

Münchner Rutschn

The Münchner Rutschn slide is appreciated by all, including families. It is an undulating slide 23 meters high, 15 wide and 50 long, and is striking due to the white... Read more >>

Olympia Looping

The Olympia-Looping is a roller-coaster with five loops of death (looping) and is the largest mobile roller coaster in the world with its 1,250 meters in length. The wagons hurtle... Read more >>

Pitt's Todeswand

"Pitt's Wall of Death" was built in 1928 and was purchased by "Pitt" Löffelhardt in 1932. It subsequently celebrated 80 years at the Oktoberfest in 2012. It is a "funnel" with... Read more >>


In Playball, passengers are seated in small cabins that rotate increasingly faster on a disk that with a slanting swing reaches a maximum of 50 degrees, up to a height... Read more >>

Power Tower

This ride puts even the most daring thrill seeker to the test, with a free fall of 66 meters, worthy of the most adrenaline pumping bungee jump. ... Read more >>


The true symbol of the Luna Park and one of the symbols of the Oktoberfest! The panoramic big wheel is the best known attraction with its 50 cabins that take... Read more >>


Another ride suitable for lovers of height and adrenaline! Similar to the kick-ass Star Flyer 48, the cabins in the Rocket are shaped like missiles, and revolve in a circle... Read more >>


It owes its presence at the Oktoberfest due to the Pluschies family. It demonstrates how a centrifugal force can overcome the force of gravity. ... Read more >>


Present at the Theresienwiese now since 1983, Christopher Doherty, with his special effects, transforms a woman into a child, or a man into a shapely woman. ... Read more >>


A true classic! The Schichtl theatre has been at the Oktoberfest since 1869. A true record of longevity, testimony to the importance of tradition. There is no Oktoberfest without the... Read more >>


This attraction had its début at the end of the 1800s and the beginning of 1900s at the Prater in Vienna. It is a swing for 2 people in the shape... Read more >>


The Skater is made up of 6 rotating arms, and resembles a wind-mill, the difference being that the 50 people who go up are catapulted back and forth, up and... Read more >>


The Taumler is a ride mainly suited to young people. Passengers in the Taumler are seated on a circular platform that spins around and around in a clockwise direction, and... Read more >>


The Teufelsrad (the devil's wheel) has been at the Oktoberfest since 1910, and has offered unadulterated fun for more than a century. Participants are on the inside of a wooden... Read more >>


This attraction has been at the Wiesn since 1933 and is made up of two different fun events. The passenger initially will have to climb on to a conveyor belt... Read more >>

Top Spin

In the Top Spin, the passengers are seated in a maxi cabin with a total capacity of 40 people, that spins by itself and simultaneously rotates around its central axis. ... Read more >>

Wilde Maus

The Wilde Maus roller coasters are distinguished from others as they are also suitable for children, as long as they are at least 6 years old. Unlike the other roller... Read more >>


The Zugspitzbahn, built in 1936, 16 meters in diameter has been at the Oktoberfest for over 50 years now. The name is inspired by the highest mountain in Germany. ... Read more >>

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