Oktoberfest Advice

Here are some useful tips to organise your stay at the Wiesn

What to put in your suitcase

zelte-oktobersome pain killers;
something for a fever;
antiseptic gel;
some anti-nausea suppositories (if vomited the tablets are ineffective);
some antacid;
1 raincoat (in case of rain you can wear and take it off very easily);

Other advice is not to forget to bring a change of clothes and comfortable shoes for walking, but ones that don’t get soaked if it rains.

How to find a place in the halls

beersThe most important thing to be able to enter the Oktoberfest halls is to arrive early. At weekends it is preferable to start queuing as early as 08.00 before the halls open.
Remember that in order to be able to drink, you must be seated. In fact beer is only served to those who are seated, but if you think a table will miraculously appear before you, you are more likely to end up making do with apple juice!

How to order

girls-oktWaitresses are assigned to each row of tables and will take the order directly at your table, just call them over. It is important to be precise from the start as to how many beers you want to order, or if you want to eat. Even better if you have already chosen what to order. There are thousands of people inside the halls and to ensure fast and efficient service, the waitresses don’t like to waste time! Even if you are tipsy or drunk, don’t forget that these people are assisting you and so if you order politely, you will be treated accordingly… and don’t forget the tip!

Can you get up from the table?

zelten-oktoberfestIf you wish to smoke or go to the bathroom don’t all go together! Those who get up lose their place in a fraction of a second. Someone should remain to keep the seats. Don’t forget!

Is it possible to leave the halls and to return?

Oktoberfest_heartsIt is very difficult to do this. The best advice having found a place to sit is to hang on to it! If you exit, join a new queue, and particularly in the evenings and on weekends it may not be possible to get back in.

What if there is no place to sit either in the beer gardens or the tents?

der-traditionelle-anstich-eroeffnet-das-oktoberfestThis is the question that worries everybody a little.
Here’s our advice: while searching around the tables, in the halls or the beer gardens, look for 1 or 2 empty seats, because you will never find a completely free table. If you find a free place ask those who are seated and politely if they are in fact free. One or 2 of you sits down and orders a drink for everybody. Fetch the drinks, pass them to the others and get up, wander around the hall or in the beer garden (the garden outside the hall), as you will see hundreds of other people doing. The important thing is that, while the “lucky ones” wait for the waitress to place an order or wait for the delivery of the beer mugs, the others must stay away from the aisles between the tables, otherwise the security staff and the waitresses get annoyed and you risk being thrown out.

What to do in the afternoon if you no longer want to remain at the oktoberfest

festzeltFor those who don’t wish to spend the whole day inside the tents, which isn’t a bad idea, the centre of Munich is about a 15 minute walk from the Wiesn. Take the north exit (the exit near the Hippodrome tent).
If you wish to drink again you must go to the Hofbräuhaus.
To gain entrance, you will probably (depending on the time and day when you go) have to queue again. You will have already queued at the Oktoberfest so you are used to it. Don’t give up! It is well worth a visit and to experience the atmosphere of this kind of national treasure.

What to bring into the halls

oktoberfest-menRemember that inside the halls it is not possible to bring backpacks, just hip bags and small purses, consequentially just bring with you, the bare essentials needed for the day.

Guided Tour of Munich


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