The large tents of the Oktoberfest

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Here’s a description of the 14 legendary big tents (Festhalle) of the Oktoberfest. The origins, the distinctive characteristics, the features, the setting, the music, the entertainment, the culinary specialities, the capacity and the beer served.

Each tent is different from each other and in all of them, the Oktoberfest has a special atmosphere. It is important to choose in what tent you are going to spend the day at the Oktoberfest, depending on different factors. You can select a tent based on your preferred beer, or based on your culinary styles, or even your age. In some, a softer environment is found, suitable also for families and children, in others the atmosphere is more “frenetic” and lively, while others instead, are distinguished by their classier attendance. Additionally, a number of them hold some of the important events in the 16 days of the Oktoberfest programme, occasions not to be missed in order to experience the deeply rooted tradition, like the “O’zapft is!” for example on the opening day at the SCHOTTENHAMEL, or the mass and the carnies club of the HIPPODROME”.

They range from 2,500 seats in the WEINZELT (the smallest of the large tents) up to almost 11,000 in the WINZERER FÄHNDL with Paulaner beer.

This is the heart of the Oktoberfest, a true icon of the festival, and of course you cannot go to Munich without spending time in one of these 14 tents.

It would be an understatement to say that they are part of the Wiesn tradition, instead it must be said that they are the true exponents, that enhance the fame of the Oktoberfest making it the largest peoples festival in the world.

Entering  the right tent especially for first time visitors should not be a dictated by chance, but a considered choice, decided on beforehand, based on your preferences, at any rate however each tent is steeped in tradition and immersed in the typical Wiesn atmosphere.


The Armbrustschützenzelt having a capacity of around 7,500 seats, is one of the favoured tents of Bavarians and has been at the Oktoberfest since 1895. ... Read more >>


There are over 8,500 seats in the Augustiner. For many it is the best tent in which to spend the Oktoberfest, it is certainly distinguished from the others by more than... Read more >>


This tent has 8,400 seats after the latest extension in 2010. Since 1963, this tent has been managed by the Heide family, to date by seven generations, and is named after... Read more >>


The Fischer-Vroni is one of the smaller tents among the 14 of the Oktoberfest, with approximately 3,800 seats. The name gives away its identity, indeed great fish dishes are served here,... Read more >>


The Hacker tent has 9,300 seats. The ceiling was decorated in 2004 with clouds and stars in memory of a folk tale dedicated to Aloisio, a Munich citizen who dies... Read more >>


The Hofbräu tent is the second largest of its kind at the Oktoberfest. it accounts for a total of 9,992 seats. It is also the only tent with a zone where... Read more >>


It is one of the smaller tents with approximately 3,000 seats, frequented by high society eager to stay away from noisy crowds. It made its entrance at the Wiesn in 1971,... Read more >>


With around 9,500 seats, it is one of the largest tents at the Oktoberfest. Visible from both sides of the Wiesn with its 37 meter high tower, its distinguishing feature is... Read more >>


The Marstall is the Oktoberfest's brand new tent that will be opened to... Read more >>


The tent has a surface area of 4,200 square meters and has around 7,600 seats. The culinary speciality is the ox, cooked in a thousand different ways, and as testimony to... Read more >>


The Schottenhamel has 9,000 seats, taking into account the indoor seating and the Biergarten. It is here that the customary tradition "O'zapft is" is celebrated, and it is here every... Read more >>


The tent has around 5,400 seats, including the Biergarten which was added in 2006. It was one of the first tents to make an appearance at the Wiesn, but the... Read more >>


With its 2,500 seats it is considered by many visitors to be the most beautiful tent at the Oktoberfest. Unlike the other tents, wine is consumed here with a selection of... Read more >>


This is the largest tent at the Oktoberfest with 10,900 seats (8,450 indoor!), as well as being the preferred choice of the Bayern Munich players and fans. The name originates... Read more >>


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